Imari Ware

Author : Mike

Published : December 31, 2023

Search eBay for ‘Imari Ware’ and you will turn up hundreds, even thousands, of boldly decorated and exotically oriental blue, red and gold decorated porcelain avidly collected by those captured by its allure. But what is ‘Imari Ware’?

Imari Ware is the Japanese porcelain produced in the locality of Arita in southern Japan and exported around the world through the nearby port of Imari. Arita Ware, as Imari Ware should really be know, was first produce in the early 1600s. Exports to Europe peaked at the end of the 17th century and by the 1760s Chinese porcelain had largely displaced the Japanese wares on the export market. Its manufacture, however, is still an important local industry to the present day.