Eastgate – Ewenny

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Eastgate Potteries, Ltd

1955–Active 1970

Earthenware manufacturer at Withernsea, East Yorkshire. Eastgate Potteries Ltd products included vases, bowls, lamp bases, souvenir ware and similar goods.

Edge Malkin & Co. (Ltd)

1871–1903 (Inc. 1899)

Earthenware manufacturer at the Newport Pottery and the Middleport Pottery, Burslem. Edge, Malkin & Co. continued the business of Cork, Edge & Malkin (1861-1871) at the Newport Pottery. The business was incorporated in 1899, but from 1903 the business was continued by S. W. Dean under his own name at the Newport Pottery.

Edinbane Pottery

1971–Active 2009

Manufacturer of domestic and ornamental stoneware. The Edinbane Pottery was founded by Stuart Whatley and his father at Edinbane, Portree, on the Isle of Skye in 1971. The Pottery manufactures domestic and ornamental stoneware using both a wood-fired and a salt-glaze kiln. Pots are thrown and decorated using clays and glazes made on-site, drawing on the inspiration of the surrounding natural land and seascapes. Products include tableware, kitchenware, bowls, platters, vases, tureens, goblets etc. The Pottery’s mark is a monogram ‘ep’ surrounded by the name.

Edwards & Brown


China manufacturer at the Victoria Works, Longton. Edwards and Brown used a ‘Duchess China’ trade name, also used by A. T. Finney and by Duchess China Co.

Edwards & Lockett (Ltd)

c.1950–Active 2009 (Inc. 2002)

Manufacturer of bone china tableware and commemorative plates at Sutherland Rd, Longton. The business was established in the early 1950s by Mr Lesley Lockett and partners and was incorporated as a private company in 2002. The business was still under family management in 2007.

Edwards & Lockett Ltd specialise in ceramic transfer printing and the decoration of fine bone china and earthenware. The company has been the main producer of ‘Mining Plates’ commemorating events in the UK coal mining industry. By 2000, over 600 different plates had been produced (since the first in 1982) commemorating events as momentous as the miners strike of 1984-85, but more commonly the closure of pits at the end of their economic life. The company uses the trade name ‘Edwardian’ and is sometimes known as ‘Edwardian Fine China’. The company mark is the name, surmounted by a crown.

Ehlers (Alfred Ehlers)


A studio Pottery established in 1946 by Alfred and Lily Ehlers at Lowerdown Cross, Bovey Tracey, Devon. Ehlers was an experienced potter and ceramic artist who left Germany in 1933. The family settled at Lowerdown Cross in 1946 and began producing hand-thrown art pottery with special glazes manufactured at the pottery. Ehlers daughter Marion Ehlers, a talented potter, worked at the pottery until about 1954 when she established her own studio at the Abbey Arts Centre, New Barnet, Hertfordshire. Alfred Ehlers sold the pottery to David Leach in 1956. Ehlers died later that year.

Elektra Porcelain Co. Ltd


Earthenware manufacturer at the Edensor Works, Longton. Elektra Porcelain was concentrated with the Avon Art Pottery at the Jubilee Works, Longton from 1941 under the wartime Concentration Scheme. Both businesses continued in production and post-1945 Elektra operated as an associate company of the Avon Art Pottery. The Jubilee Works were sold in 1961 and both companies moved to the former Elektra Porcelain premises in Edensor Rd, Longton. Elektra Porcelain was a manufacturer of fancy art wares, vases etc. and was a maker of cellulose finished goods.

Elizabethan Fine Bone China Ltd


Bone china manufacturer at the Florence Works, Longton. Formerly Taylor & Kent Ltd (1867-1982). ‘Elizabethan’ was a trade name used by Taylor and Kent Ltd from about 1960, and in 1982 the business adopted the widely recognized ‘Elizabethan’ name as its business name. In 1988 Elizabethan Fine Bone China Ltd merged with Rosina China Co. Ltd (formerly George Warrilow & Sons Ltd) of the Queens Pottery, Longton. Both companies were already owned by Oswald and Derek Shufflebottom and the merged business operated under the umbrella of Crownford Holdings Ltd from June 1988 and then as Crownford China Co. Ltd from January 1989 until Crownford was absorbed into the Churchill China Group in 1994.

Elizabethan Fine Bone China Ltd was an important and large-scale manufacturer of teawares and table accessories during the 1980s. Decoration is commonly with conservative floral motifs, but there are some interesting ‘Carnaby Street’ styled patterns catering for the young at heart. The name ‘Elizabethan is prominent in all marks. See the entries for Taylor & Kent Ltd, Rosina China Co. Ltd, and Crownford China Co. Ltd.

Ellgreave Pottery Co. Ltd


Earthenware manufacturer at Ellgreave St, Burslem. Ellgreave Pottery Co. Ltd was established by Harry Wood in 1921 and operated as an associate company of Wood & Sons Ltd. The business moved from the Ellgreave St. premises to Wood & Sons main Trent and New Wharf Potteries in 1967 following their modernisation in the early 1960s. The Pottery may have closed in 1981.

The Ellgreave Pottery business was established to manufacture ornamental earthenware, but Ellgreave became an important producer of teapots. Following the Second World War it introduced the well known ‘Heatmaster’ range of insulated teapots, but also produced tableware, figurines, lamp bases, vases, coffee sets and oven-to-table ware. Marks include the company’s name or, for insulated teapots, the trade name ‘Heatmaster’. Some Ellgreave ornamental wares bear the ‘Lottie Rhead Ware’ name after Charlotte Rhead who designed for Wood & Sons, Ltd between 1912 and 1926.

Elton (J. F. Elton & Co. Ltd)


Earthenware manufacturer at the Bell Works, Burslem.

Elton (Sir Edmund Elton)


See the entry for the Sunflower Pottery.

Ely Potteries Ltd

Active mid-1970s

Earthenware manufacturer at Broad St, Ely, Norfolk. The Ely Pottery produced commemorative wares, tankards, cookware and tableware sold under the ‘Hereward’ trade name.

Empire Porcelain Co. (Ltd) (I)

1896–1967 (Inc. 1963)

Manufacturer of bone china and earthenware at the Empire Works, Stoke Rd, Stoke-on-Trent from about 1896. Following the Second World War, the business was owned by Lazarus & Rosenfeld Ltd a European ceramics group and founders of the Victoria Porcelain Factory at Altrouhlau, Bohemia (now in the Czech Republic). The pottery was acquired in 1951 by H. Kaufmann Ltd, a Suffolk-based manufacturer of lawnmowers, and by the Qualcast Group in 1958 as a result of its takeover of the Kaufmann Group. Empire Porcelain Co. Ltd was incorporated (1963) as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Qualcast Group. The business ceased to operate in mid-1967 despite full order books, because it proved too difficult to effectively modernise the Empire Works.

The Empire Porcelain Co Ltd was an important producer of domestic and ornamental earthenware and china for the middle-of-the-market. In the late-1920s and 1930s the company produced interesting art deco-style tablewares and notable art deco ornamental wares decorated using the drip glaze technique. Chinz-decorated wares were produced in the 1940 and 1950s. China novelties and cottage models are other factory wares that are now of interest to collectors.

The company used the ‘Empire Ware’ and ‘Shelton Ivory’ trade names and these appear on most wares from the 1920s and 1930s in addition to the word ‘Empire’ or the full company name. The Empire ornamental wares, in particular, are little known and under-appreciated.

Empire Porcelain Co. (Ltd.) (II)

Active 2008

The name Empire Porcelain Co. Ltd is in current (2008) use by a company described as ‘bathroom planners and furnishers’ of Chadwick St, Stoke-on-Trent. There is no known connection to the former Empire Porcelain Co. Ltd.

English Tableware Group


A name proposed for the merged J. & G. Meakin Ltd and W. R. Midwinter Ltd (including A. J. Wilkinson, and Newport Pottery Co. Ltd) businesses. The firms merged in September 1968 under the interim banner of Meakin & Midwinter (Holdings) Ltd, however, in January 1970 the holding company was taken over by Wedgwood and Meakin, Midwinter and their subsidiaries became part of the Wedgwood Group. The name ‘English Tableware Group’ was proposed for the merged Meakin-Midwinter group, but may never have been used.

English Ironstone Tableware Ltd


Earthenware manufacturer at College Rd, Shelton. Formerly the Washington Pottery Ltd. The first advertisements for English Ironstone Tableware Ltd appear in Tableware International in 1974 and advertise tablewares, coffee services, mugs and fancies. The company subsequently became known by the name ‘Just Mugs Ltd’.

Era Art Pottery Co.


Earthenware manufacturer at Sutherland St., Stoke.

Etruscan Pottery Co.


A company concentrated with the Blue John Pottery under the wartime Concentration Scheme.

Everett (Raymond Everett Pottery)


A studio pottery established in 1960 at Conduit Hill, Rye, Sussex, by Raymond Everett. Everett had worked at the Rye Pottery and established his own business making ornamental and domestic earthenware (vases, lamp bases, storage jars etc). The Pottery closed in 1966 when Everett accepted a teaching appointment. Wares are marked with a printed ‘Raymond Everett, Rye’ seal, or with a modelled relief ‘RE’.

Ewenny Pottery

Early 1800s–Active 2009

A studio pottery at Ewenny, Bridgend, South Wales. A pottery run by members of the Jenkins family has been in operation at Ewenny since the early-19th century and it claims to be the oldest pottery operating in Wales. Post the Second World War the pottery was run by brothers Thomas and David Jenkins.  The current (2009) owner, Alun Jenkins purchased the business in 1976 and it is now run by potters Mr Alun Jenkins, Jayne Jenkins and daughter Caitlin Jenkins.

Originally a manufacturer of ordinary domestic earthenware for local consumption, the pottery produced Arts & Crafts style ornamental wares in the late 19th century influenced by the designer and decorator Horace Elliot who first visited the pottery in 1883 and was to return periodically over thirty years. The pottery now produces hand-thrown ornamental earthenware using local clays and special glazes. Vases, jugs, lamp bases, tablewares, kitchenware and giftware are sold primarily from the pottery door. The pottery’s mark is an incised script ‘Ewenny Pottery, Wales’.